#SupportLocal: Meet Samira from Badt and Co.

With the recent surge of negativity (or positivity, tʰə̥ˈmɑɾoʊ, tʰə̥ˈmɑːtʰəʊ), I think we can all agree that the world has changed. I constantly find myself reaching out to people to share and exchange experiences. It comforts me to think that we’re all in this together.

… And this brings me to the second installment of our #supportlocal initiative. We spoke to Samira Tovar Badt, founder of Badt and Co, my go-to brand (and maybe soon, yours) for handcrafted espadrilles. Samira arrived in Singapore with her family a few years ago after more than a decade of humanitarian aid and international cooperation work in many countries. Wanting to pay homage to the traditional crafts and designs that originated from her birthplace, Spain, she started her very own venture to bring a classic and intricate collection of espadrilles to our island.

Pictured: Samira in Samira Top

Q: Thinking back, did you find it challenging to set up a business in a brand new environment?

Running a business is never easy, no matter where you are. I’ve been a bit of a nomad for more than 30 years now, so my concept of home is where we (my family and I) are. That has provided me drive to overcome challenges and I’m grateful that Singapore has given me the opportunity to establish many solid professional and personal relationships. Look at us! The relationship between Lily & Lou and Badt and Co. is a perfect example. Despite coming from different backgrounds, we are able to connect and collaborate. The Samira Top is such a great depiction of my personal style, I love it! 🥰

Q: Yes, you were the inspiration for Samira Top, hah! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What makes you happy, perhaps?

Over the years, I have developed a greater appreciation for beautiful things - good design, architecture, craftsmanship, gastronomy and art. The idea that these artisans of their craft took time to study, understand, and create masterpieces resonates with me. The product of talent and hard work brings me joy.

Pictured: Yan in Poppy Dress paired with Venus Sneakers & Samira in Agatha Top paired with Runni Espadrilles

Q: I’m sure you have many interesting stories to share about your journey. Is there any one that stands out in particular?

Well, I’m no longer in my raving twenties (or thirties for that matter!), so defying the stereotypes of age sure marks a distinct milestone in my journey. It’s an endless race to grasp and adapt new practices or discover and learn technologies/ marketing tools, sometimes by success, often times by mistake. Years in, my passion continues to burn high. I believe that the ever-changing landscape of my career will bring streams of possibilities and I love the thrill of it!

Q: Lastly, if you could have a superpower, what would that be?

Teleportation! I could name a number of people I would love to hug right now.

Well, let’s just say teleportation seems to be a popular choice for superpower, hah. If anybody were to ask, I think I’d like to have telekinesis as my superpower. Call me a lazy bum, I think I’ll enjoy being able to grab a cup of coffee without physically moving myself to the coffee maker while working at the desk.

Pictured: Yan in Rachel Dress paired with Ticiano Espadrilles & Samira in Samira Top paired with Nover Espadrilles

During our chat, Samira promised lots of exciting projects in the near future and I honestly can’t wait! It’s wonderful to support and be supported by one another during these challenging times, so I hope you’ve enjoyed and are looking forward to our next feature!

Till then,

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