Personalized for you by you.

We believe in building clothing that lasts beyond its season, produced with quality eco-friendly fabrics. Our goal is to highlight environmental issues to our customers and empower them to care for our planet in style.

We’re not here to tell you what to wear. You have your own distinct style and we love that! We want you to have a hand in designing your wardrobe and customize your new favourite pieces so you’ll only buy what you truly desire.



Create your own clothing by selecting the neckline that suits you, choose sleeves that flatter your unique shape, or decide on the perfect length for you. We want you to love what you buy and wear for years to come!


Caring for the Planet

The fashion industry is traditionally one of the most wasteful industries in the world. We decided to make a stand and minimize the environmental impact of production one piece of clothing at a time.

We operate on a made-to-order model which helps to keep unsold clothing out of the landfills. Once ordered, each piece is cut and sewn lovingly by our seamstresses. Any scraps of fabrics are kept for our future upcycling projects, so nothing is wasted.




Our Fabrics

We specially select sustainable materials and deadstock fabrics of the highest quality in a bid to reduce the environmental impact on the planet. These fabrics feel great against your skin and get softer with each wash.

TENCEL – Our absolute favourite, TENCEL Lyocell is derived from renewable wood sources and uses lesser resources than typical fabric production.

Bamboo – Bamboo rayon is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. Considered as one of the most sustainable plants as it grows quickly and does not require chemical or irrigation, bamboo is also anti-microbial and soft on the skin.

Rescued fabrics – Otherwise headed for the landfills, we save these discontinued and remnant fabrics for our designs. We pick only the highest quality selections to ensure they feel good on your body.



Future Goals

We love the idea of a free size world and aim to commence personal sizes in the near future where you will have customized clothing made to fit only you.

We also target to be zero waste and will process our leftover fabrics into products to be sold on our website soon.