#SupportLocal: Meet Lydia from Luxequisite

While I consider myself a fashion guru, my knowledge is pretty limited to apparel. I have zero knowledge when it comes to jewellery, so when I met Lydia, I was blown away by the sheer amount of product knowledge she has. It is evident that she is passionate about her work at Luxequisite, and it is always inspiring to learn about the point-of-views of other female founders. Respect!

I thought it’d be fun to bring her in for our series of #supportlocal features and we hope you’ll enjoy the read 💕
Pictured: Yan in Kathy Dress styled with Clear Sky Necklace and Lydia in Chloe Dress

Tell us about Luxequisite and what inspired you to create the brand.
I have a deep love for jewellery! As a gemologist, my friends have me on speed dial when they’re looking to make a purchase. A piece of jewellery is not just about design - the materials used and workmanship represent an array of value, quality and price. Beginning with my friends, I started to notice a shift in customer buying behaviour as consumers display a greater desire to learn more about the products they’re considering to buy. Luxequisite is here to fill the gap! We want to provide an online platform for consumers to obtain product knowledge, indicate their interest and even complete a purchase with the greatest convenience. Plus, we make sure to be transparent with our prices and careful to ensure the authenticity of our products.
Pictured: Yan in Poppy Dress styled with Crown Earrings and Infinity Necklace

This is definitely one of our favourite questions… Any memorable stories to share?
There are so many! Jewellery is always a very fun and happy business. We play a part in marking people’s (joyful) milestones in life - marriage proposals, celebration of newborns, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it! With Luxequisite, however, I experience the flip-side with our pre-owned liquidation service. Many times, our customers part with their pieces because of bad memories or rainy-day situations. It’s fulfilling and exciting for me to be involved and to share both the good and undesirable times with my customers. I hope Luxequisite will be the go-to jeweller because we care and want to grow with customers.

How about a fun fact about yourself?
I love making people happy because it gives me a very strong sense of accomplishment. Call it my superhero complex if you will, hah. Some might laugh and claim that I’m a very straightforward person, who can come off as offensive at times. I call that being true to myself and I’m not overly concerned if people do not identify with that. Trolls gonna be trolls, right? /wink/

We hope we’ll hear more from Luxequisite. Do you have any exciting plans to share?
YASSSS! We’re finally launching our brand officially. Our site has been live and revenue generating for a while now but we’re very excited to truly celebrate our brand launch before the holiday season this year! You can expect our name to pop up very often!

Both Lydia and I have decided to throw in something special for our readers! Yes, you’ve guessed it right. Stand a chance to win $100 e-voucher (from us) and a set of lovely bracelets from Luxequisite. Find out more about the giveaway on Instagram (Lily & Lou // Luxequisite).

Good Luck,

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