We're your end-to-end solution

We understand the frustrations to manage and coordinate among your suppliers, manufacturers and team across countries. Create your next collection with us as your sole point of contact.

Reduce waste with virtual sampling

One of the largest amount of waste comes from pre-production. Perfect your designs and preview it digitally before your final sample to skip the unnecessary wastage.

Produce ethically with low risk

We want to make sure you produce with an understanding of demand. Create pre-orders with true-to-life images before investing in full scale production of any designs.

Building a Green Company with Digital Prototyping

Sustainability goes beyond happy workers and eco-friendly materials. We want to make sure our daily operations reflect our green vision too! With digital prototyping, we can reduce sampling wastage, logistics processes, and even over-production. Fast fashion or not, we know any surplus in supply goes into the sale section or worse, the landfill.

Creating a Community of Happy Workers

We partner with local home-based seamstresses and small-scale factories to produce garments. We are friends with these amazing artisans and make sure they have ethical practices at work. We hope to create a manufacturing hub that provides vocational training to anyone who seeks to join our community in the near future.